The Land of Delma is as old as time it self. The seasons and the cycles of life and development have come and gone time and time again. At this point in time the Land of Delma is once again in the first cycle or the cycle of sword and magic to some people.

But this time something there is something different in the cycle there is a thick Mist that covers the land that keeps much of the land hidden from those that live there. The mist is only thin around where people live and the ways between them. Many have gone to explore to find what is out in the mist but they never return or if they do they are forever scared and will not speak of what they have seen in the travels.

The mist is not cleared on all roads so there are parts of the land that are cut off from each other. The mist has over the years opened roads to places unseen by the current generation or the last or closed the roads to places that everyone knows and has always known.

There is more then just the mist to give the people reason to fear. It seams that the darkness of night at times is alive itself and trying to claim all the live for its own. People have said that at the dead of night when the darkness of night is at its strongest things out of peoples nightmares have been found wondering the land.

What lies deep in the mist that has made it come into being or what has taken control of the night no one knows but many want to find out what but are to scared to. Will there ever be adventures brave enough to find out?

Only time will tell but is there enough time left before the mist closes off all roads or the darkness claims all?

Will any adventures come to Brave the Mist and the Darkness of the Night the Land of Delma?

Land of Delma